Foreseeti, Europe’s leading provider of Cyber Threat Modelling and Risk Management, is a Swedish technology company headquartered in Stockholm. foreseeti’s flagship product, securiCAD, empowers IT decision makers to make proactive and data-driven decisions in cybersecurity. The holistic approach combined with proactive risk management is novel and provides a unique opportunity to take control of your IT-architecture. Our solutions are used by multinational companies in the banking and energy sectors, and our clients value our practical, hands-on approach.


Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a suite of security services that helps Windows 10 systems block emerging and sophisticated attacks, is coming this summer to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Windows Defender ATP combines behavioral analytics, machine learning and threat intelligence collected by Microsoft's cloud services slate and Windows systems in the wild. The result is a system that can detect zero-day attacks and prevent data breaches, one of the most pressing problems fac...

You wouldn’t leave the door to your home unlocked when you go out for the day, right? No intelligent business person would. But while it might be second nature to you to check your physical locks, does your organization apply the same diligence to your digital assets? Sadly, even in this time of heightened awareness of cyber threats, we aren’t as protected online as we think you are. CBS News reported that according to studies by IBM, there are 1.5 million annual cyber attacks, and t...

The survey also showed that 60% of all business executives indicated they’d be willing to pay ransom to recover data. Further, 25% of business executives said, depending upon the data type, they would be willing to pay between $20,000 and $50,000 to get access back to data.Small businesses remain a ripe target for ransomware. Only 29% of small businesses surveyed have experience with ransomware attacks compared to 57% of medium-size businesses. While cyber-criminals may not view these busi...

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is pushing for more security in radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems. “What used to be kind of the split between system integrity or anti-tamper and information assurance really is falling under the same cybersecurity umbrella,” says Shaun McQuaid, director of product management for Mercury Systems’ Embedded Products Group in Chelmsford, Massachusetts....

US software firm Microsoft Corp will continue to invest over $1 billion annually on cyber security research and development in the coming years, a senior executive said. This amount does not include acquisitions Microsoft may make in the sector, Bharat Shah, Microsoft vice president of security, told Reuters on the sidelines of the firm’s BlueHat cyber security conference in Tel Aviv....

Vendors at this week's RSA cybersecurity show in San Francisco are pushing artificial intelligence and machine learning as the new way to detect the latest threats, but RSA CTO Zulfikar Ramzan is giving visitors a reality check. "I think it (the technology) moves the needle," he said on Wednesday. "The real open question to me is how much has that needle actually moved in practice?"...


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