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Founded in 2012, Cutting Edge CA is a cyber security and network engineering start-up. We focus on protecting customer activities on the Internet and providing them with cyber threat mitigation capabilities. Our management team has extensive experience in enabling Intelligence Community missions and applying those capabilities to the cyber security needs of our commercial customers. NetAbstraction, our flagship offering, is a patented, cloud-based service that obscures and varies our customer’s network pathways across multiple providers to protect their identity, sensitive data, and critical systems.


In the second half of 2017, nearly 40% of all analyzed industrial control systems (ICS) in energy organizations were attacked by malware at least once – closely followed by 35% of engineering and ICS integration networks. The cybersecurity of industrial facilities remains an issue that can lead to very serious consequences affecting industrial processes, as well as businesses losses. While analyzing the threat landscape in different industries, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT recorded that nearly a...

In a constantly evolving digital threat landscape, where firewalls and antiviruses are considered tools of antiquity, companies are looking to more technologically advanced means of protecting crucial data....

The Securities and Exchange Commission is warning publicly traded companies that it will be looking at cybersecurity practices as part of its “examination priorities” for 2017, which lawyers say will be shaped by recent settlement agreements involving the handling of personal information and unencrypted data....

Passwords are a company’s first line of defense against hackers, but are often the weakest. Beirut-based Myki wants to change that with its password management tool in a region where cyber security is still an afterthought. It started when Priscilla Sharuk’s grandmother kept forgetting the password to her Skype account, which she used to call her son in the U.S. from Beirut. “She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” says Sharuk, who’s 28. “Slowly but surely ...

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office will donate $20,000 to advance cyber security programs and education in Escambia County, according to an ECSO news release.The announcement comes in conjunction with Cyberthon 2015, a community event designed to give high school and college students hands-on experience in cyber defense and engagement procedures with instruction from active industry experts.Seizing on the concept of "Homeland Security starts with Home Town Security," Escambia Cou...

Philip Quade, former special assistant for cyber to the director of the National Security Agency, has joined the network security company Fortinet as its first chief information security officer.
After more than a three decade-long career in the intelligence community, the former chief of NSA's cyber task force joined Fortinet (FTNT) to take charge of its digital defenses as well as to lead its federal and critical infrastructure business, the company told Fortune. Quade's duties ...



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