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Tempest Security Intelligence has been delivering exceptional service quality to Clients in Brazil and Europe for the past 17 years. Tempest delivers highly specialised information security consulting services to large and medium-sized organisations in the private and public sectors, and is relied on to protect some of the largest global financial institutions. Our focus on information security management allows us to build long-term, strategic relationships with our Clients that result in stable and continuous service. Our in-depth knowledge, expertise and extensive R&D efforts, have given Tempest an authoritative position in the cyber security market.


The scope and severity of the fallout from the WannaCry attacks over the past week elicits plenty of "we told you so" head shakes about the dangers of ransomware. With a lightning-fast speed, the blackmail worm spread quickly....

Ask an IT person what the weakest link in their organization’s security is, and you’ll invariably get a witty take on the same derisive answer: “Meatware.” “Our walking, talking vulnerabilities.” “PEBKAC” (problem exists between keyboard and chair).In short, they point the finger at users. In part because, for the majority of successful breaches, the common entry point typically is a user. But another reason is that despite all the security tools a...

Microsoft, founded in 1975, describes itself as the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. A Microsoft By the Numbers page on its website features key statistics they want people to know about the company. For instance: Skype Translator can translate voice calls in nine languages; More than 400 million devices are running Windows 10; 80 percent of the Fortu...

At the RSA conference in San Francisco in a session titled ‘Back to IT Security Basics: What’s getting lost in the buzz words’, Marc Potter of Netwrix urged information security professionals to turn a blind eye to threat buzzwords in favor of focusing on risk management. “What has actually happened is vendors are so intent on matching solutions to buzzwords that the solution is often becoming the problem,” he said. “What then happens is new companies are then...

BOSTON - Cyber experts say in 2017, the most likely victims of a stick-up won't be staring down the barrel of a gun; rather, they’ll be staring into a computer screen. “Literally, here's what you need to do to pay me. Here's a list of businesses that haven't paid me in the past and bad things happened, and here's a list of people that did,” said IBM threat intelligence expert Caleb Barlow. "Eighty percent of what you hear about with cybercrime is actual...
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ICC Spain in collaboration with the Spain Chamber of Commerce hosted a seminar in Madrid on 27 January to present a Spanish version of the ICC Cyber security guide for business. The seminar also shared best practices and offered advice for small- and medium-sized businesses on managing their approach to cyber security and mitigating threats posed by cybercrime....


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