9 Common Security Mistakes Your Organization Might Be Making

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Recently, an enterprise business engaged Involta to perform a security assessment. As part of that assessment, one of our security specialists went into the company’s headquarters. In under an hour, with no special equipment, the specialist had a list of 86% of the employees’ passwords, including the CEO’s.

The good news: the company recognized the need for stronger security and engaged Involta as a partner. Since then, that company aced a third-party security audit. The reason we were able to grab so many passwords with such ease? The company hadn’t properly configured its active directory environment. In a company’s active directory, there are hundreds of parameters that can be configured in terms of policies and privileges, but many are not set by default. Meaning that if you don’t set up some of the foundational settings in the active directory, you might as well slap a “Welcome Hackers” sign on it. Using weak passwords, saving passwords in browsers, writing them down on a notepad under your keyboard and using the same password for multiple accounts are some of the top mistakes that will most certainly get an organization hacked.

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