A Comprehensive and Achievable Guide to Less Risk


Contrary to current perception, you are not safe behind the perimeter — because the perimeter itself no longer exists. Traditional hub-and-spoke networking architectures, and the castle-and-moat security they utilize, aren’t amenable for today’s burgeoning cloud-and-mobile world.

This is a problem that companies must face. Failure to transition to safer enterprise security architectures is the number one cause of corporate breaches today, and it’s only going to get worse.

A zero trust security and access model is the solution: Every machine, user, and server should be untrusted until proven otherwise. But how do you achieve zero trust?

Read this white paper authored by Akamai’s CTO, Charlie Gero, to learn how to transition to a perimeter-less world in an incredibly easy way, with steps including:

  • The zero trust method of proof
  • The vision behind Google BeyondCorp™
  • Analysis of application access vs. network access
  • How to deploy user grouping methodology
  • Guidance for application rollout stages 1-8

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