Office 365 Workflow Done Right – Automation for Admin Efficiency, Human Error Reduction, and Unrivaled Security

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Today’s Office 365 administrators have a tough job – constantly solving problems, insuring security, handling end user management, configuration and provisioning and deprovisioning are just a few of the things that keep them busy.

Most of these tasks, let’s face it, are grunt work. Admins must be experts in PowerShell scripting, and master of hundreds of manual processes just to keep Office 365 in tune.

It does not have to be this way. Instead, O365 administrative tasks can be automated, simplifying and insuring these tasks are handled error-free by harnessing automation and workflows. Instead of facing endless grunt work, these largely manual daily activities can be directly mapped to automated workflows.

Think of it as workflow and process automation. Process automation is a best practice that reduces human error, and delegates and automates complex tasks optimizing the IT.

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