Automated Security at the Speed of DevOps

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Software development has evolved from rigid waterfall methodologies to more flexible and streamlined approaches like Agile, and more recently, DevOps. This evolution has taken place, in large part, to shorten development life cycles and meet increased business demands. Today, businesses of all sizes have built an advantage by implementing a DevOps culture and processes, which break down silos between development and operations, allowing organizations to build applications faster.

As organizations implement DevOps on Amazon Web Services® (AWS), they need to understand the security implications. The AWS Shared Responsibility Model makes clear that AWS secures what’s “on the cloud,” while the customer is responsible for securing their assets “in the cloud.” When AWS customers go about securing their DevOps environments, they need to do so in a way that provides robust protection without limiting developer agility.

This eBook will highlight the main challenges businesses face at the intersection of DevOps and security and offer best practices for integrating security within your development processes from the start.

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