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Running a website is not easy from the standpoint of security and privacy. All web publishers are making a delicate balance between cost and security technologies, the more cyber defense ready the site, the higher the cost of running them. Any web developers worth his salt knows very well that TLS certificate is mandatory to have in order to gain “trust” from users. As long as the website captures the attention of users, the more attractive the website to cybercriminals. In this article we provide simple things that even a neophyte web security master may implement to lessen the attack surface of a website: 1. Https Until now, HTTP has been the main communication protocol between browsers and servers. However, the number of people who use the Internet on the go is increasing, and the Internet is often used via a low-security wireless LAN connection such as public Wi-Fi. Now, data are transferred from the browser to the server and from the server to the browser. In the meantime, there are concerns about “security issues” such as malicious data being stolen and access IDs being tampered with. READ MORE