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What is Data Misuse? Data misuse is the inappropriate use of data as defined when the data was initially collected. Misuse of information typically can be governed by laws and corporate cybersecurity policy. However, even with laws and policies in place, the potential for data misuse is growing. The most common perpetrators? Your employees and third-party contractors, i.e. insider threats. Insider threat incidents involving data misuse have serious implications, not least of which is the high monetary cost associated. And without the right people, processes, and technology in place for insider threat visibility, detection, investigation, and prevention can be near impossible to manage. Real-World Examples of Data & Information Misuse. We’ve outlined several real-world examples of insider threat-based data misuse, in both government and within for-profit organizations: 1 Uber “God View”A high profile case of data misuse occurred back in 2014 when an employee at one of the world’s fastest growing companies; Uber; violated the company’s policy by using its “God View” tool to track a journalist who was late for an interview with an Uber exec.(If you are unfamiliar, “God View” allowed the company’s staff to track both Uber vehicles and customers). READ MORE