. https://www.alienvault.com/blogs/labs-research/a-peek-into-malware-analysis-tools
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So, what is malware analysis and why should I care? With the commercialization of cybercrime, malware variations continue to increase at an alarming rate, and this is putting many a defender on their back foot. Malware analysis — the basis for understanding the inner workings and intentions of malicious programs — has grown into a complex mix of technologies in data science and human interpretation. This has made the cost of maintaining a malware analysis program generally out of reach for the average organization. And, the era of “big data” that we’re currently in isn’t making things any easier. At AT&T Cybersecurity, for example, our AT&T Alien Labs threat intelligence unit analyzes a ton of threat data coming in from the AT&T IP network, our threat-sharing community of 100,000 security professionals (Open Threat Exchange, or OTX), and our global sensor network.  To give you an idea of the scale, in a single day: More than 200+ petabytes of traffic cross the AT&T network, including 100 billion probes for potential vulnerabilities. READ MORE