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The need for a stronger defense against security threats is greater than ever, as the threat of data-driven crimes such as identity theft and corporate espionage grow each year. The recent data breaches against giants such as British Airways and Facebook emphasize the danger facing data-storing companies and emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive attitude towards data security. One aspect that is becoming increasingly popular within businesses as a security method is ‘multi-factor authentication’ (MFA). MFA comes in many forms, both hardware; like a fingerprint ID, retinal scan or even just a fob, and software; for instance, using identifying characters from a different passcode or employing a code generating app. With a wide range of options to choose from, companies need to decide - based on their product/service, market and threatscape – which of these solutions best suits their needs. Weak Link in a Strong Chain. In theory, multi-factor authentication acts as a strong second line of defense against potential hacking, however, the system is as only as secure as the person using it. Often, people search for a quicker and more convenient solution to the issue of quickly using MFA. READ MORE