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Antivirus for Android apps are widely available on the Google Play Store. These are Android applications that help users in keeping their phones secure. However, to guarantee excellent Android security, you must select an antivirus for Android app that can provide the optimum level of security that your phone needs. To ensure this, what you can do is to install an antivirus for Android app that is among the best free antivirus apps for 2019. This way, you can protect your Android phone and all data saved in it. If you want to learn what criteria make up the best free antivirus for Android app, we listed some must-have qualities: Quality #1: Packed with Necessary Android Security Features. The best free antivirus for Android apps are those that offer necessary, powerful mobile security features. One must-have feature that a free antivirus for Android app should offer is real-time protection; that starts scanning the app as soon as it is installed on your phone. If the app is malicious then Comodo will warn you before you open it. Other necessary mobile security features include automatic scanning, cloud scanning, and SD card scanning. READ MORE