. https://blog.radware.com/security/attack-types-and-vectors/2019/04/can-you-crack-the-hack/
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Struggling? We understand, it’s tricky! Here are two more clues: Hackers will often route login requests through proxy servers to avoid blacklisting their IP addresses It is a subset of Brute Force attacks, but different from credential cracking And the Answer Is. Credential stuffing! If you didn’t guess correctly, don’t worry. You certainly aren’t alone. At this year’s RSA Conference, Radware invited attendees to participate in a #HackerChallenge. Participants were given clues and asked to diagnose threats. While most were able to surmise two other cyber threats, credential stuffing stumped the majority. Understandably so. For one, events are happening at a breakneck pace. In the last few months alone, there have been several high-profile attacks leveraging different password attacks, from credential stuffing to credential spraying. It’s entirely possible that people are conflating the terms and thus the attack vectors. Likewise, they may also confuse credential stuffing with credential cracking. READ MORE