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How to choose an antivirus app for your Android phone or tablet. Nowadays, mobile security suites have a lot of features, and their functionality goes far beyond just antivirus. But still, antivirus is a very important part of each and every Internet security suite. What makes antivirus good or bad? There are multiple parameters by which you can rank antivirus apps for Android. And quite fortunately, there are independent test labs that test security solutions and give them marks based on those parameters. Let’s first discuss what those parameters are. Detection rate. Antivirus has to catch every threat trying to penetrate your phone, so in independent tests a good app has to have a very high detection rate, meaning that it detects and blocks as many threats in the test set as possible. For example, according to independent lab AV-TEST, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android detects 99.9% of Android malware in real time and 100% of the latest Android threats discovered in the past four weeks. Just to compare, the industry average is 98%, and that means Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has quite a decent detection rate. READ MORE