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As if trying to assemble a successful cybersecurity department were not difficult enough, one of the hardest battles we all find ourselves fighting is the one against well-meaning but often misleading information. Sometimes the information is wrong, but more often it is right … but only when viewed from a certain angle that in many cases might not apply to your own specific situation or organization. In this article, we look at three of those examples. Our purpose is that maybe, the next time one of these statistics or facts undermines your efforts, you can show your management this article as evidence that unquestioning reliance on facts and statistics without the right context is not always wise. Truth or Myth 1: The average cost of a data-breach is … (insert figure here). The most widely used figure here is the one from IBM; $3.86m (£3m) per data breach. I am sure this is a correct statistic BUT as one company representative put it to me: “That’s not plausible for us, we don’t even turn over that amount of revenue each year. READ MORE