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Mitigating cyber threats is critical to the launch of a successful product. Like technology itself, the Internet of Things (IoT) security is still in its infancy and is evolving rapidly. The legislation is also developing rapidly, with cybersecurity acts in EU and California creating further regulation. Many devices on the market today have not been designed with cybersecurity in mind, and even fewer have had independent testing and evaluations. These issues, coupled with confusing standards and regulations to comply with, make the product design landscape difficult to navigate. What should designers and manufacturers consider when developing IoT products? What standards exist to help ensure the safety, security, and performance of these products, and how can they be leveraged?  How can a manufacturer mitigate the risks and ensure a secure, successful product?  Designing for Security Testing and applying security measures after the fact leads to more failures and increased costs as products need to be redesigned or heavily debugged in order to ensure safety measures have been properly integrated. READ MORE