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When we talk about practical advice for companies, we always say something like “Raise your employees’ security awareness.” That advice is unquestionably strong, but we have noticed that not everybody understands the term security awareness in quite the same way. We would like to explain what we mean when talking about this subject. Security awareness is by no means a set of dull lectures about how dangerous the cyberworld is. We have studied a variety of approaches and can say that categorically. It simply doesn’t work. Applicability. The last point may sound incredibly obvious, but actually, it is an important point. A good tip is easy: Make every password unique, at least 18 characters long, and containing random symbols; change every single one weekly; and never write down a password on paper. In theory, that advice is great — perhaps even ideal. Is it applicable, though? No. Will anyone follow it? Not a chance. They will continue writing “Passworddd123” on a sticky note. They might start taking the extra second to hide the paper under their keyboard. READ MORE