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A recent report has found that just 15% of IT decision makers in small organisations “completely agree” that their employees have a good understanding of cyber security, and 20% believe their employees don’t care about cyber security at all. What’s more worrying is that despite these concerns, just 26% have introduced cyber security training for their employees. 15% stated that they “haven’t got around to it yet” while 5% think additional training should be offered but confessed that “they didn’t know where to start”. Other key findings. 17% of small UK businesses have suffered at least one cyber attack in the past year. 19% have been targeted between 6 and 10 times in the past year. 51% of organisations with 50–99 employees suspect that a breach has been kept a secret from them. 53% agreed that it seemed logical for cyber security awareness training to be near the top of the business agenda. These findings are very concerning as small businesses are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Small businesses typically believe that they are immune to cyber security threats, when it’s their very lack of interest in cyber security that makes them a favourable target for cyber criminals. READ MORE