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As many organizations have learned to their regret, a policy for cybersecurity – however comprehensive, proactive, and technologically sound it may be – is doomed to failure if its terms aren’t adhered to by stakeholders of the enterprise, across the board. This emphasizes the need both for eliciting buy-in to the concept and culture of security awareness, and for management to put the required guidelines, incentives, and mechanisms for implementation in place. Security awareness training is an important part of this, as providing the information, methodologies, and best practices required for ensuring enterprise security is crucial to engaging employees as active participants in it. For the management suite, it’s tempting to assume that awareness training programs may simply be achieved through funding: Throw money at the problem and assume that the instructors will take care of everything else. While it’s true that an adequate portion of the enterprise budget needs to be allocated to the topic, an effective employee security awareness culture needs to be fostered by management in a number of ways. READ MORE