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Android security should be prioritized. As an Android user, guaranteeing the overall protection of your phone is a primary concern. Countless mobile threats can compromise not just the security of your android phone, but also the personal data stored in it. You must be knowledgeable enough on how to maintain an excellent Android security status. By default, Android incorporates industry-leading security features. However, that does not mean that Android is invulnerable to mobile security threats. As a matter of fact, you must take necessary measures to prevent any Android security threat from causing damage to your android phone and data. To ensure that your phone will remain safe and secure, we listed below an Android security checklist for you to follow: Running the latest android version is important to maintain optimum smartphone protection. Android updates contain necessary security patches that fix bugs and any vulnerabilities detected in the previous version. By ensuring that all android updates are installed as soon as they are released, you can maintain excellent Android security. READ MORE