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Las Vegas—Small pharmacies, whether focused on specialty, home infusion or other trade channel, should not believe that because of their size, they are not at risk for cyber threats. Organizations without the finances and on-site information technology expertise to ensure the security of their data and assets may have internal weaknesses that make them more prone to having high-value health care information reach the wrong hands, Daniel Eliot, the director of small business education at the Washington, D.C.–based National Cyber Security Alliance, said at the MHA 2019 Business Summit. “Small businesses need to be connected to the internet; the challenge is to make their data safe while they do so,” he said. According to an investigation conducted by Verizon, health care organizations account for 24% of all breaches in the United States (vz.to/2Rzk8Zw). Combine that with the fact that 58% of all breach victims are small businesses, as the Verizon report noted, and small pharmacies have good reason to take their cybersecurity seriously. READ MORE