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Whether your business has only one location or is a multinational corporation, company culture matters, especially in the case of cybersecurity. When security is treated as a priority from the top down and in every office location, it has the best chance of successfully fending off attacks. Two of the most key factors for successful cybersecurity are the importance of security within the company culture and the value of trust within the organization. The Importance of Cybersecurity. For cybersecurity to be successful, it must be treated as a priority by every employee, every day. From the board of directors to the mail clerk, security training, policies and procedures are a line of defense against data loss or breach. When company leadership respects the role of security and promotes it within the business, the rest of the employees will recognize its importance and follow the security policies in place. However, to be effective these policies and procedures must be clear, easy to understand and simple enough that they don’t cause a disruption in the way people work. You can put in place the most secure policy possible, but if it prevents someone from doing their job or makes their job harder, they will find a workaround. READ MORE