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The report provides a wealth of detail on ransomware, including year-over-year trends, frequency, targets, impact, and recommendations for recovery and continuity in the face of the growing threat. Our report reveals that 85% of MSPs surveyed report ransomware as the most common malware threat to small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Here are just a few key findings that will help you prepare for and protect yourself against a ransomware attack. Prepare your front line of defense: Our survey respondents revealed that phishing, a lack of cyber security training and weak passwords are the top three causes of successful ransomware attacks. Too often, employees aren’t familiar with the signs of ransomware and therefore make their companies vulnerable to attacks. To mitigate the risk, it’s imperative to provide regular and mandatory cyber security training to ensure all employees can spot and avoid a potential phishing scam in their inbox, a leading entry point for ransomware DATTO READ MORE