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How did you start your day today? Was it turning off the alarm on your phone, then quickly scanning for any messages you received since last night? Did you check a weather app to see if you needed to take an umbrella? Did you use GPS to avoid traffic as you drove to work? If you’re like many people, you’ve gone online before even having your first cup of coffee. With much of our lives now uploaded to apps, certain tasks are made easier — but this has also exposed us to new levels of risk. And companies know there’s a lot to lose if security isn’t airtight: A recent survey of leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos shows cybersecurity is the number-one concern of U.S. CEOs. So who will protect us from the breaches that continually make the news? Cybersecurity professionals — tech experts who attempt to secure systems and thwart threats. To learn more about employer demand, salaries and job-seeker interest for these important roles, we analyzed global Indeed data on cybersecurity jobs from 2017 to 2018. The good news for job seekers is that if you have the skills to succeed, there’s a huge demand for cybersecurity roles. Employers, on the other hand, may struggle to fill them. READ MORE