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Running an Android virus scan is the process of searching your Android phone for any malware using a mobile antivirus app. Android security is a top concern. One way to guarantee top-notch protection is by conducting regular Android virus scans, and an effective way to attain this is by installing the best free Android antivirus on your phone. What is the best free Android antivirus? There are dozens of free antivirus apps available on Google Play today. However, in order to get optimum Android security, what you need is the best free antivirus app for Android. By downloading one, you’ll get a top-quality Android virus scanner that doesn’t break the bank. Here are some qualities of the best free antivirus apps for Android: High-standard Android virus scan feature. For obvious reasons, the best free antivirus for android is one that gives you access to an actually efficient Android virus scanner. Android security must be on 24/7; it is crucial that your free android antivirus must provide your phone with always-on protection. READ MORE