. https://www.nowsecure.com/blog/2019/03/20/how-the-gdpr-raises-public-awareness-about-privacy/
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Data privacy rights have advanced since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules took effect nearly a year ago in May 2018. GDPR outlines privacy protection and control for EU citizens and requires companies to notify users about their data collection practices and securely handle that personal data. The attention surrounding GDPR’s sweeping changes has intensified public awareness and attention about data privacy issues like never before. Taking a cue from GDPR, Apple and Google last year began requiring mobile app developers to provide clearly written privacy policies for each app as part of the store approval process. The policies must specify what data is collected, if it is shared with third parties, and how users may request deletion of data. Mobile apps often collect personally identifiable data and other information, such as geolocation data and usage habits. Immediately after the new GDPR rules were enacted, many mobile app developers notified end users about new or updated GDPR-compliant policies. Establishing and maintaining accurate privacy policies for mobile apps can be challenging since it requires continuous coordination between development and legal as app capabilities change. READ MORE