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Organizations in many industries use web applications to collect and handle information such as credit card numbers, emails, and customer behavior data. They rely on these web apps to run their businesses and gain a competitive edge. Clearly, many organizations are enjoying the automation and wealth of data made possible by this ecosystem. But their growing dependence on web applications has resulted in an urgent need for better web app security. Hackers can steal sensitive data from web applications by exploiting software vulnerabilities introduced during application development. They’re likely to target financial services, insurance, healthcare, and e-commerce web apps. And if they succeed, a data breach could result in significant financial costs, legal liabilities, and damage to business reputation. Global markets have noticed and need assurance that their sensitive data is safe. Customers, executives, and auditors need proof that production environments are secure. In response, CISO organizations are taking measures to improve their web application security management. They seek to gain visibility into their web application risks to demonstrate security and compliance. READ MORE