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A laptop is a portable computer that is small-sized and thin to be carried around for personal work. Its features can be used for different purposes, one of them being the laptop camera that is used for taking photos, video calls in Facebook or Whats App if you are into a long-distance relationship or stay far from home, also with the Skype video calling services you can appear for an interview from another city. You can use this camera for making video recordings and upload it in your YouTube channels, for demonstrations or attend conference, you can even make video diary about your life and include things of your liking in it. Some people use them as surveillance cameras too to keep an eye around. Though webcams serve exceptional services, whether it is in-built into the laptop or attached by USB cable, it can be used to transmit live videos from your place to some remote location, sometimes without your knowledge and consent. This process is labelled as camfecting in which a hacker takes over the laptop camera and slip in malware into the computer to get access of personal data. READ MORE