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In today’s rapidly evolving, digitally-driven economy, the window of opportunity that businesses have to capitalize on shifting markets and consumer demands is continually getting shorter. To keep up, application developers and IT teams need to also perpetually shorten the development lifecycle of systems and applications, while at the same time continuing to deliver features, fixes, and updates that align with business objectives. Because of the speed and resources needed to make these happen, much of this development can only really be done effectively, and at scale, in a cloud environment. The Cloud Is Transforming How We Develop Applications. The allure of flexibility, scalability, performance, and reduced cost are some of the primary drivers behind the shift to the cloud and a fundamental component of today’s digital transformation. However, one of the first mistakes many organizations make when they transition to the cloud is to try and shift their old on-premise applications and application development strategies there as well. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t allow them to take advantage of fundamental cloud-native features. READ MORE