. https://blog.avira.com/metadata-key-info-about-these-digital-fingerprints/
The US intelligence services have long been monitoring citizens all over the world, saying that it’s for counter-terrorism reasons. Everyone is a suspect. And it’s not just intelligence agencies that are crazy about metadata and traffic analysis – many companies are too. But what exactly can intelligence services and companies do with it all? It’s long since been common knowledge that intelligence services such as the NSA engage in the blanket gathering of telephone, email, and internet data in and out of individual countries coming from and going to anywhere in the world. On top of this, US intelligence services have access to Google’s, Facebook’s, Amazon’s, and other US companies’ networks which are also popular among many millions of users. For some time now, FBI investigators have been permitted under Rule 41 to hack and scour the contents of computers wherever in the world they are located. They just need any old judge to grant them a search warrant. Under President Trump, further encroachments of this type loom large. After all, the US President himself sided firmly with the law enforcement agents who vehemently demanded access to data in the FBI versus Apple dispute about unlocking content on a confiscated iPhone. READ MORE