. https://www.zscaler.com/blogs/research/novaloader-yet-another-brazilian-banking-malware-family
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As part of our daily threat tracking activity, ThreatLabZ researchers recently came across an interesting Brazilian banking malware campaign. The malware, NovaLoader, was written in Delphi and made extensive use of Visual Basic Script (VBS) scripting language. Although the final payload was not entirely new and has been discussed by other security researchers, we found that the multi-stage payload delivery was unique. Delivery method. In earlier documented campaigns, the delivery methods for this malware included spam, social engineering, and fake sites for popular software such as Java. The malware operators use a variety of available options to ensure malware delivery and try to avoid detection by security products. They often do so by abusing popular legitimate services like Dropbox, GitHub,  Pastebin, AWS, GitLab, and others, as well as URL shorteners and dynamic DNS services such as No-IP and DynDNS. NovaLoader is known to use AutoIt, PowerShell, and batch scripts in the infection chain, but this is the first time we have seen it use VBS. In this campaign, it is also using encrypted scripts instead of simply obfuscated ones. READ MORE