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Although phishing attacks can occur against individuals, we will primarily focus on attacks against organizations in this post.  We will use the term organization to represent governments, educational and healthcare institutions, and commercial businesses, but we will draw distinctions in the “bounty” sought after in each industry.  So, let’s get started. There are lot of “nice” or “polite” ways to describe phishing.  At the end of the day, it is where a thief is trying to get access to confidential information through nefarious means.  Why is the thief trying to get access to the confidential information?  Like thieves in the physical world (e.g. bank robbers), there are many different motivations (i.e. fame, fortune, desperation due to unfortunate life circumstances that are leading one down an ill-advised path of crime, political domination, etc.).  It is important for us all not to lose sight of the fact that criminal activities occur in the virtual world just as they do in the physical world and, in many ways, there are striking parallels. READ MORE