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As technological solutions to cybercrime become increasingly advanced, able to preempt attacks and weed out vulnerabilities before they’re widely known, attackers also  become more adept at cloaking their presence and concealing their intent. The targets of attacks also change with the times. Hacking websites and bank accounts is old-hat, some of the most threatening dangers to the most modernized companies and even citizens are those that target technology that doesn’t yet have the robust security systems, or even standards, in place. It’s sad, but well known that the average consumer doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether the firmware on their IoT devices is up-to-date, leaving millions of devices around the world critically vulnerable to attack. However, you would be forgiven for assuming that companies implementing centralized control of a building’s life support functions such as HVAC, fire security, doors and windows, etc. along with more convenience focused building automation systems, would prioritize cyber security. This is not always the case, and can lead to a potentially disastrous situation for the homes and organizations that implement Building Automation Systems (BAS) and the companies that manufacture, install, and maintain them. READ MORE