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The world of DDoS is dynamic and evolving. So, when considering the most important features that a DDoS Mitigation should have, it’s always worth examining them in light of recent trends and applying some lessons learned. That, however, can be a rather time-consuming assignment. But worry not. We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a list of our top six ‘lessons learned’ you’ll want to apply if you want to ensure that any mention of the term ‘DDoS’ doesn’t keep you awake at night. Get Always-on Scalable Mitigation. The biggest and baddest attack, Memcached, came as a surprise with a record breaking attack in terms of throughput. Reports claim that it surpassed 1 Tbps by using a new, previously unused attack vector: vulnerable Memcached servers exposed to the Internet. If there’s one thing this teaches us, it’s to always expect the unexpected. In other words, prepare for the worst with an always-on scalable mitigation solution that can handle big Tera attacks at any moment. Protect Yourself Against Today’s and Tomorrow’s Threats. Protecting against unknown threats is way more important than known threats. READ MORE