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Today, software is being developed at a breakneck speed. Agile development and the aggressive adoption of DevOps is leading to an abundance of functionality and feature sets, or pieces of code pushed out to consumers at a record pace.  These one-click opportunities may indeed get us what we want, however, the game remains the same. The Achilles Heel is security vulnerabilities, regardless of technology maturity or speed of release. Vulnerabilities pound organizations at a pace matched only by a John Bonham, Moby Dick drum solo.  Regardless of complexity, budget, or organizational size, software continues to be released with too many vulnerabilities. How do security practitioners help fight the good fight and aid in the reduction of vulnerabilities introduced into production software? Simple. Push left! Pushing left is moving the introduction of security activities from the end of project phases (verify, release, etc.) to the beginning phases (plan, design, etc.) ensuring that each phase has a list of security activities embedded within, promoting the likelihood of a secure software release. READ MORE