. https://www.symantec.com/blogs/expert-perspectives/cyber-security-pressure-cooker
Too much complexity, too many distractions, too much noise – it’s all taking a steep, personal toll on the people working the front lines of cyber security Feeling stressed? Burnt out? Overwhelmed by the perfect storm of regulation, new threat vectors, well-funded adversaries, rapid technological change and the growing complexity of a sprawling IT estate? Well, you’re not alone. Burnout runs rampant in the cyber security industry. Symantec, in partnership with psychologist and academic Dr. Chris Brauer, the Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London, has issued new research based on the experiences of over 3,000 cyber security decision makers. And it tells a harrowing tale. Four in five are burnt-out and just under two thirds think about quitting their job or leaving the industry - and no wonder: When two thirds say they feel ‘set up for failure’, it’s evident that cyber security professionals face a battle they feel is difficult to win. READ MORE