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There was once a time when the risk of an “insider threat” incident was relatively unknown, or simply not considered likely, within an organization. That time has quickly come and gone. With the rise in publicly-disclosed systems breaches and data leaks, along with the steady stream of studies and reports covering topics like the high average cost of insider threats, and the increasing reliance on vast volumes of data for business, understanding the insider has become a high-level concern. In 2007, a KPMG study found that just 4% of all reported cyberattacks were caused by malicious insiders, and by 2017 that number rose to a whopping 89%. That’s a pretty substantial increase, highlighting the fact that the risk of insider threats is very real, and a very big deal. Despite the wealth of data talking about insider threat incident outcomes, organizations want to know: what motivates the people behind insider threats, and what can be done to obtain visibility and mitigate the risk of incidents, all while preserving the privacy of the individual? READ MORE