. https://blog.eccouncil.org/the-truth-about-the-growing-cybersecurity-skill-gap/
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Cybersecurity is a growing industry with a prominent issue of the skill gap. Even the World Economic Forum mentioned in its January 2019 report that the United States has over 200,000 cybersecurity skills requiring job vacancies and employers are facing a tough time to fill them [1]. This huge imbalance between the supply and demand of the talent makes it easier for hackers to use the disadvantage for their own good. The data clearly reveal the shocking reality of the issue at hand. With the lack of required professionals in the organizations, malicious threats are now posing in a very sophisticated manner, and it is important for organizations to fight back with all the help they can get. There are two major reasons for this substantial skill shortage: lack of required skills and underinvestment of organizations in their cybersecurity solutions, although the research survey of the Enterprise Strategy Group in 2018 shows different data, with 92% surveyed organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia accepting to increase their cybersecurity budgets for the same year. READ MORE