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Before we explore the possibility if mobile phones can get virus, let’s learn more about the viruses itself. We all are very well familiar with computer viruses. They are malicious programs that infect and corrupt the files present in the computer, disrupting its performance and wreaking havoc on their electronic host. The thing that distinguishes viruses from other forms of malware is their ability to replicate. Now back to the initial question, can phone get viruses? Not in a traditional sense and luckily so far self-replicating viruses has also not made their way onto Android phones or iPhones. So, technically speaking your phone can’t get ‘virus’ because this is just the go-to term that a lot of people use to explain any kind of malicious software that may have happen to get into the device. There are many forms of Android malware, ranging from spyware which gathers your personal data to provide it to the third party (often advertisers) to mobile ransomware, which holds your files hostage so that they can demand ransom in order for you to retrieve them. On the other hand, the story for iPhones goes this way – unlike Android, iPhone and iPad apps can only be downloaded from their official app store. So, Apple users enjoy the benefit of a secure phone as an authorised application prevents malicious software from infecting your device via fake apps. READ MORE