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A firewall is a protective barrier which safeguards computing devices from online threats. The primary purpose of the firewall software is to shield the computer from internet threats and the threats arising within the local network. Firewalls are an integral part of a sophisticated security framework for a network. It strengthens the securi What is the Role of a Firewall. The firewall software program protects the resources of a computer, both the hardware and the software. It validates the access, controls and manages the network traffic, keeps track of events, generates reports, and acts as an intermediary.ty of computers connected on a network, such as LAN or the Internet.  Why we need a firewall. A firewall is used to stop intrusion and provide a reliable and stable method of the access control policy. However, it is essential to know why we need a firewall and how it benefits us to carry on secure computing. Comprehend the goals of information security as it helps to get a clear picture of how a firewall may address the security requirements in a given environment. READ MORE