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As its name suggests, an anti-spyware program is a spyware protection software much like an antivirus program. It is designed to detect, prevent, and remove spyware and adware infections on computing devices. Antispyware program are also known as spyware remover, spyware cleaner, and spyware detector. Not all anti-spyware programs work the same way – while a few come in handy to detect malicious infections, others predominantly focus on removing the infection from the computer. However this depends on what kind of antispyware program a user chooses to install. After removing the spyware, the anti-spyware program immunizes the computer by blocking spyware from getting access in the future. How does anti-spyware software work? Similarly to an antivirus program, a spyware program actively scans incoming data from e-mail, websites, and downloaded files to block spyware from entering the system. The detection may be rules-based or based on downloaded definition files READ MORE