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Ripper is a type of virus that randomly infects disk write heads when its active in memory. It infects the disk writes, making the data invalid. Ripper virus can be less harmful, or it can be threatening, or it can destroy the whole system. Regardless of the intensity of the attack, be it big or small, the prime objective of the hacker is to destroy and steal all the data from the infected system. How does the Ripper virus infect the system? The Boot sector virus/Ripper virus spreads its infection through physical media. It targets and infects the boot sector of the Master Boot Record of the hard disk. Once the system boots from an infected disc, the corrupted code runs. The infection is passed on to the computer through an infected USB, when the Volume Boot Record of the drive is read; it then alters the existing boot code. As a result, when the user attempts to boot the PC, the virus gets loaded to run automatically along with the Master Boot Record. Most of the ripper viruses are passed on to the victim through email attachments that is made to contain the ripper virus code. When the target victim opens the virus containing attachments, it infects the host computer and holds a set of instructions to forward the infection to the user’s contact list. READ MORE