. https://blog.avira.com/when-security-cameras-become-the-risk/
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Countless IP security cameras are insecure – anyone can watch in. You don’t even need any knowledge about hacking to do so. So who’s to blame? Well, it’s the fault of both careless manufacturers and all-too trusting consumers. It gives you great peace of mind to know that after you’ve set up your IP security camera, you can now keep an eye on your front yard, garage door or front door 24×7, plus the sight of it will be enough to scare off potential burglars. Ha ha, no chance! Instead of protecting you, many IP security cameras are mutating into a security risk. Anyone can see what’s going on in your home – all really easily over the internet. Surveillance on the cheap. In Germany, someone gets burgled every three minutes. This is where security cameras play a key role, helping you to monitor your home and nail crooks. Video surveillance is no longer solely of interest to shops and businesses. Whether it’s to protect the front yard, garden, driveway, or vacation home, a growing number of individuals are using this tech to keep an eye on their home and belongings. READ MORE