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Linux has earned a reputation of being the most secure operating system, but despite this, it still has its own security flaws. Deploying a secure operating system is an important starting point for every business, but even the most secure networks can be invaded. Similarly to the myth of the invulnerable Mac, there is a misconception that Linux OS is completely secure – but in fact, we have to admit that no operating system is fully immune to security threats. Linux has gained more popularity among users over the past few years, as well as more attention from attackers. Although the open-source software operating system is known to be secure by design, as its adoption continues to soar, there is an increased risk for both external and internal threats. Most Linux distros come with some advanced security tools, but security incidents have proved that these are not enough anymore to prevent data breaches. Linux Security Concerns. Latest Linux vulnerabilities include “Dirty Sock“, an exploit discovered by Chris Moberly, a security researcher, that affected primarily Ubuntu and that could have been used to gain total access and control to a target system. Last year Gentoo, a popular distribution of Linux, had its GitHub repository hacked. READ MORE