Commercial Vehicle Solution Guide

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Commercial vehicles—trucks, buses and delivery vans— must be cost efficient to build and maintain, and they must run reliably for decades. At the same time, software-defined designs and the drive toward autonomous vehicles lead to more complex and connected vehicle systems that make development, safety certification and cybersecurity more difficult and costly to achieve.

Software-defined systems enable both innovation and simplification in a rapidly changing commercial vehicle market. A common software foundation based on a microkernel operating system (OS) or hypervisor simplifies and accelerates development when used on ECUs throughout the vehicle—in systems as diverse as the digital cockpit, secure gateway, driver assistance, telematics, battery management, and emerging high-performance compute platforms. Safety certification and support are also paramount. OEMs need a software supplier with a proven record of helping customers to meet start of production (SOP) deadlines, streamline safety certification and strengthen security. Decades-long vehicle lifespans demand the selection of a software vendor that provides support at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

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