January 17-17, 2019
Ohio, USA (United States of America)
The Threat Report. The threat landscape is undoubtedly evolving; less skilled cybercriminals are being forced out of business, the fittest among them step up their game to survive and we’ll eventually be left with fewer, but smarter and stronger, adversaries.  These new cybercriminals are effectively a cross-breed of the once esoteric, targeted attacker, and the pedestrian purveyor of off-the-shelf malware, using manual hacking techniques not for espionage or sabotage, but to maintain their dishonorable income streams.  One of the most encouraging trends we see is how we’ve begun to shift the burden to attackers, forcing them to change their operations.  Come listen to how Sophos is driving this change with a number of important, advanced protection techniques, including generalized exploit protections, which can arrest virtually infinite variations of memory and controlflow abuses; deep learning, which provides the best static prediction of malware at scales never before achieved; and behavioral detections that provide runtime defenses against such would-be epidemics as ransomware.