October 10-11, 2019
GEORGIA, USA (United States of America)
Though we like to have fun and play-act like the pirates in, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” or the “Dread pirate Roberts” in “The Princess Bride,” in reality piracy has been troublesome and deadly since the dawn of civilization. Traveling the Roman roads in sandals with a donkey laden with your leatherworks, spices and tin? Pirates can waylay you and take it. Sailing on the seas with a ship full of tapestries, silver and horses from the newly re-discovered Americas? Pirates can board the ship and, and claim the goods. Even large ships that ply the seas with shipping containers full of cars, flat screen TVs and microcircuit components from all over the world hire private security firms toting AR-15s and 50 caliber rifles to fend off pirates in the seas of the 21st Century.