October 24-24, 2019
Chaateau Bayard, Belgium
The Cyber Security Coalition is a partner of Security Forum 2019 which will be held at Château Bayard on October 24th and will teach evolutions concerning the necessary actions and means to be implemtented in order to safeguard online security. Cyber-security: the urgency The numbers are evocative. Cybercrime costs about $ 600 billion a year, compared with $ 445 billion in 2014. The average cost of a security breach is estimated at $ 4.27 million, which can force an SME to close down. Similarly, according to the firm Marketsandmarkets, the market for anti-malware software has increased from $ 48 billion in 2015 to more than $ 119 billion in 2022. Finally, the association of Belgian banks Febelfin identified in 2018 no less than 9,747 cases of phishing, three times more than the previous year.