CI Security® Works With SBS Security to Protect and Defend Customers From Cyber-Attacks

SBS Security, CI Security | August 21, 2020

CI Security® is now working with SBS Security to protect and defend customers from cyber-attacks. The combined offering will help customers evolve every part of their security program, from 24x7 threat investigation to scheduled assessments of the program and technical testing of networks and systems. CI Security offers a suite of services that allow organizations to get critical insight into what’s threatening their network environments.

Teaming up with CI Security allows SBS Security to offer the type of security only large companies have been able to afford. Critical Insight Managed Detection and Response (MDR) gives small and medium companies a 24x7x365 security operations center staffed by real people doing thorough investigations to catch attacks. While the average amount of time a criminal is inside a network is more than 200 days, SBS Security’s customers will now be able to stop attacks in less than 2 hours with Critical Insight™ MDR.


Cyberkriminalität boomt und verursacht jedes Jahr bei unzähligen Unternehmen erheblichen Schaden. Im Jahr 2021 stiegen die Kosten durch Datenschutzverletzungen von 3,86 Millionen auf 4,24 Millionen US-Dollar – der höchste Durchschnittswert seit 17 Jahren. Cyber-Angriffe sind eine kostenintensive Angelegenheit, denn sie verursach


Cyberkriminalität boomt und verursacht jedes Jahr bei unzähligen Unternehmen erheblichen Schaden. Im Jahr 2021 stiegen die Kosten durch Datenschutzverletzungen von 3,86 Millionen auf 4,24 Millionen US-Dollar – der höchste Durchschnittswert seit 17 Jahren. Cyber-Angriffe sind eine kostenintensive Angelegenheit, denn sie verursach

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AWS Clients Globally Can Now Use Apiiro Cloud Application Security Platform

Apiiro | January 04, 2023

Apiiro, the market leader in Cloud-Native Application Security, announced that its award-winning security platform is now accessible on AWS Marketplace. Apiiro's solution intends to assist developers and security engineers in resolving significant risks across the software supply chain before launching apps to the cloud. Instead of a single vulnerability or misconfiguration, multiple isolated and unconnected findings are scattered throughout the source code, configurations, open-source packages, and cloud infrastructure that, when combined with appropriate context, form a Risk Story that attackers can exploit. Its Risk Graph technology integrates these endless elements with actionable information to provide developers and security teams with an entirely new way to fix problems. Apiiro has introduced a whole new approach to application security by offering complete visibility into code bases, analyzing risks from design to code to the cloud, and proactively addressing actual vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit before they even get released to the cloud. By connecting to their source control managers via API, Fortune 500 businesses can cut operational costs and risks at scale while ensuring seamless deployment. Now that it is accessible in the AWS marketplace, customers may deploy Apiiro's Cloud Application Security Platform through their AWS Marketplace accounts, enabling them to quickly secure everything they develop and deliver to the cloud by proactively resolving risks with actionable context. About Apiiro Apiiro is a Cloud Application Security Platform that provides comprehensive insight and actionable context to security and development teams to proactively fix risks before releasing them to the cloud. It also assists them in addressing threats throughout the software supply chain. Since its inception, the Apiiro Cloud-Native Application Security Platform has been deployed by developers and security experts in the world's biggest organizations to handle critical threats across more than 1 million code repositories, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud infrastructures.

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GoSecure Releases Titan Identity for Enhanced Identity and Access System Security

GoSecure | February 16, 2023

On February 15, 2023, GoSecure, a leading Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) and proficient advisory services provider, announced the release of Titan Identity, a solution combining technology with managed services to offer an affordable and immediately deployable solution that can help organizations to measurably enhance response times to credential theft. GoSecure Titan Identity is a detection service specifically designed to significantly minimize the time required to detect and respond to assaults aimed at enterprise identity systems such as Microsoft Active Directory. By employing real-time analysis of Active Directory and other event log data, the Titan Identity's alert technology with low false positives allows Incident Response teams to effectively utilize existing workflow systems and react promptly to commonplace but hazardous attacks that occur after the initial foothold, thereby ensuring the safeguarding of crucial business assets. The Key benefits of this service include the following: Significantly reduced response and detection times by enabling the Incident Response team to have continuous and ongoing visibility into identity attacks across enterprise hosts, virtual machines, servers, containers, desktops, and laptops. Improved return on previous (SOAR)/ (SIEM) investments by leveraging the SIEM infrastructure, facilitating new SOAR playbooks with automated actions, and permitting the use of out-of-SIEM logs that surpass indexing and storage budget. Increased productivity for analysts by significantly minimizing the occurrence of false positives, eliminating the need for an additional user interface, and providing alerts with enriched messages. Enabled verifiable accuracy through automated and continuous testing and quantification of performance. Reduced deployment and change costs by avoiding network probes and sensors. Improved internal team's capabilities by granting access to a team of data scientists for expanding identity attack detection capabilities. Titan Identity is different from other anomaly or signature-based detection systems and is made up of over 30 distinct detectors and finely tuned machine learning models that are continuously evaluated to significantly minimize false positives, delivering high confidence alerts in mere seconds. The design facilitates the replacement of manual workflows with automation, capable of functioning with remarkable assurance. This flexible and adaptable service is complemented by the access of data science experts who ensure the accuracy and measurability of results via ongoing data flow monitoring, detector development, and detector performance tuning services. About GoSecure Founded in 2002, GoSecure is a leading cybersecurity solutions provider and offers cutting-edge managed security solutions and expert advisory services. Its GoSecure Titan® managed security solutions provide comprehensive, multi-vector protection to effectively counteract the latest cyber threats and offer a full suite of services that can extend the capabilities of clients' in-house teams. For more than a decade, it has been assisting clients in better understanding their security gaps, mitigating organizational risk, and improving their security posture through its advisory services, delivered by one of the industry's most reliable and skilled teams.

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Armorblox to Enhance its NLU-based Data Protection Platform

Armorblox | December 26, 2022

Contents 1. Enhancement in the Company’s Email Security Solutions 2. How is Enhancements in the Solution Benefiting the Customers? Armorblox, anemerging email security solutions provider, recently announced the inclusion of Custom Role-Based Access Controls to its innovative cloud-delivered email security platform for enhancing the maintenance of data compliance and reducing data blindspots for individuals across the organization. Not every email is the same. When it comes to incoming threats, attackers tend to focus on emails that involve sensitive credentials or valuable data. According to the Armorblox Email Security Threat Report, in 2022, 87% of credential phishing attacks looked like common corporate workflows to trick victims, and 70% of spoofing attacks got past native email security layers. Thus, Armorblox has made improvements to Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention and added Custom Role-Based Access Controls to make it safer from insider threats (RBAC). 1. Enhancement in the Company’s Email Security Solutions "According to a recent Market Research Future study, the demand for email security is anticipated to exceed US$ 11 billion by 2030." Armorblox has always been committed to putting security first, and this dedication goes beyond offering a best-in-class email security solution. Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention's enhanced capabilities ensure that customers' most sensitive information is reliably protected across all content types and storage mediums. Coupled with its Armorblox Custom DLP Policies, companies are now able to set automated encryption actions and exceptions for sensitive data and confidential content per department or per user. Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls provide fine-grained controls to security teams, which are necessary to set restriction levels and access for individuals, teams, and groups across the organization. 2. How is Enhancements in the Solution Benefiting the Customers? Through the enhancements to the Advanced DLP solution and the addition of Custom Role-Based Access Controls to the Armorblox platform, Armorblox is supporting the security-first approach that companies require. Customers will benefit in a variety of ways, including: Custom Access Controls: Create and assign custom roles with granular permissions to groups or individuals across security teams based on their job responsibilities. Sensitive Data Encryption: Prevent unauthorized disclosure of PII, PCI, and PHI by identifying and encrypting sensitive data across emails, attachments, and documents automatically. Reduce Data Blindspots: Ensure the implementation of appropriate restrictions and access levels for employee, organization, and third-party data. About Armorblox Founded in 2017, Armorblox is an email security solutions company headquartered in California, U.S., backed by Next47 and General Catalyst. The company provides technology that secures enterprise communications over email and other cloud office applications by leveraging deep learning and natural language technologies. The Armorblox platforms connect via APIs and analyze millions of signals to comprehend the context of communications in order to safeguard individuals and data from compromise. Over 58,000 enterprises use Armorblox to prevent BEC and targeted phishing attacks, protect critical PII and PCI, and automate the repair of user-reported email threats.

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