Coalition Launches Captive to Accelerate its Growth in Cyber Insurance

Coalition | December 14, 2021

Coalition, the world's largest commercial insurtech provider, today announced it will launch a new captive to begin taking risk on its cyber insurance programs. With this captive, Coalition will enhance its ability to manage capacity and its long-term growth objectives while further aligning incentives with its customers.

Coalition's technology-driven approach is powering a new, more successful model of risk management, which has resulted in policyholders experiencing 70% fewer cyber claims when compared to other carriers in the market. In 2021, the success of Coalition's underwriting model was validated by long-term capacity agreements from multiple A+ rated carriers. Coalition has delivered superior claims results amidst significant growth as it crosses $400M in run rate premium, an 800% increase over the prior year.  

"Today's announcement demonstrates our unwavering commitment to protecting businesses from cyber risk, and our confidence in Coalition's approach to underwriting and risk management,Coalition provides businesses with the most comprehensive insurance available backed by the financial strength of multiple A+ rated insurers. With our new captive, we add another layer of security and stability, and more closely align our financial incentives with our customers."

Shawn Ram, Head of Insurance at Coalition

Dovid Tkatch, Coalition's recently appointed Head of Insurance Infrastructure and Actuarial Science, will support development of the captive as well as oversee pricing, reserving, capital requirements, and regulatory compliance.

Coalition's broker platform integrates real-time security, financial, regulatory, and transactional data to create a seamless quoting experience where brokers can generate bindable quotes in just 5 minutes. Today Coalition serves over 130,000 customers with digitally-powered insurance that can leverage vast amounts of data to assess, mitigate, and measure risk for businesses.

About Coalition

Coalition is the leading provider of cyber insurance and security, combining comprehensive insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk. Backed by leading global insurers Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Arch Insurance, Lloyd's of London, and Zurich North America, Coalition provides companies with up to USD $15 million of cyber and technology insurance coverage in the United States, CAD $20M of coverage in Canada, and up to USD $5 million of D&O and EPL coverage in the United States. Coalition's cyber risk management platform provides automated security alerts, threat intelligence, expert guidance, and cybersecurity tools to help businesses remain resilient in the face of cyber attacks.


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BlueVoyant Enhances its Cloud-Native Splunk Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Consulting, and Implementation Services

BlueVoyant | March 20, 2023

BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity company that illuminates, validates, and remediates internal and external risks in one platform, announced enhanced Splunk capabilities, with end-to-end consulting, implementation, and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services. With the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, organizations face a complex and rapidly evolving threat landscape. The service helps clients maximize their Splunk investment whether it be on the Splunk Cloud Platform or Splunk Enterprise. "Splunk Your Way with BlueVoyant enables our clients to have industry-leading consulting, implementation, and cyber defense in a cost-effective manner," said Drew Gibson, BlueVoyant senior director for the company's Splunk Alliance. "BlueVoyant has a strong relationship with Splunk, and is known for its dynamic expertise in the company's products, helping our joint clients have greater control and visibility of their data usage and security posture." Key components of Splunk Your Way with BlueVoyant include: Enabling clients to collect, monitor, and analyze security data across on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments in a single platform Cloud-native SIEM (security information and event management) with real-time visibility to identify security threats and remediate them quickly Clients can reduce their data burden by 20% or more with a proprietary Data Readiness model that improves data quality and reduces costs Onboarding within a month for Existing Splunk users to quickly see the benefits of BlueVoyant Continuously improving client's Splunk instance by using faster security content delivery, and parity between different SIEM and EDR (endpoint detection and response) tools Availability of numerous bundles of workshops, retainers, and MDR services to help clients optimize, implement, manage, and monitor and protect their Splunk instance "BlueVoyant has the strength of our MDR for Splunk which we launched in 2021, aided by the expertise of thousands of Splunk deployments by our Concanon Professional Services division to provide a compelling service which helps the client get the most their Splunk investment, whether Splunk is installed 'on-prem' or via Splunk Cloud," said Michael Cormier, managing director for Concanon, a BlueVoyant company. BlueVoyant acquired Conanon in fall 2021 to enhance its end-to-end Splunk platform capabilities. Splunk recognized BlueVoyant as a key MSP (managed service provider) partner with the new Premier Manage designation. BlueVoyant also earned core competency badges for Cloud Migration and Cloud Migration: Co-Delivery. The company has 200 active Splunk certifications. In 2022, BlueVoyant expanded its Splunk go-to-market by including its offerings on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. BlueVoyant is hosting a webinar at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday, April 13 to discuss what the company has learned from our Splunk deployments and clients, and to answer questions. Current clients, security professionals, and other parties are encouraged to attend. About BlueVoyant BlueVoyant combines internal and external cyber defense capabilities into an outcomes-based cloud-native platform by continuously monitoring your network, endpoints, attack surface, and supply chain, as well as the clear, deep, and dark web for threats. The full-spectrum cyber defense platform illuminates, validates, and quickly remediates threats to protect your enterprise. BlueVoyant leverages both machine-learning-driven automation and human-led expertise to deliver industry-leading cybersecurity to more than 900 clients across the globe.

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Deepwatch Enhances SecOps Platform to Detect and Contain Identity Threats

Deepwatch | February 08, 2023

On February 08, 2023, Deepwatch, the industry leader in advanced managed detection and response (MDR) security, announced new service offerings and enhancements to the Deepwatch SecOps Platform to enhance threat detection and containment across the organization. The introduction of Deepwatch MXDR for Identity enables enhanced detection and response to rising identity-based threats; Deepwatch MXDR for Endpoint now supports Microsoft Windows Defender, which allows automatic response capabilities on Windows endpoints; and Deepwatch SecOps Platform, user interface upgrades, provide customers with greater visibility into the efficacy of their security operations program – from practitioner dashboards to self-service, board-level metrics and reporting. Deepwatch offers comprehensive detection and automated reaction to cyber threats, as well as customized security recommendations from experienced professionals. The 24/7/365 protection provided by the Deepwatch SecOps Platform eliminates the risk and significantly enhances security posture. Based on advanced threat analytics, integrations with top security tools, and dynamic content libraries, Deepwatch's managed detection and response services (MXDR, MDR, and others) provide customers with an "always on" modern SOC that continuously adapts to the combat ever-changing threat landscape. Wesley Mullins, CTO at Deepwatch, said, "Deepwatch provides security teams the expertise, flexibility, user experience and support to rapidly accelerate their extended detection and response strategies to defend against threats targeting enterprises." He also added, "With the addition of Deepwatch MXDR for Identity, we can do more than shut down the endpoint or make a firewall rule on the fly. We can respond to a threat at every level across the customer's attack surface whether its network, cloud or identity." (Source – Business Wire) About Deepwatch Based in Florida, Deepwatch is the industry leader in managed security services, guarding businesses 24/7/365 from evolving cyber threats. Deepwatch, which is powered by Deepwatch's cloud security platform, provides the industry's quickest, most exhaustive detection and automatic response to cyber threats, along with customized advice from dedicated experts to mitigate risks and significantly improve security posture. Deepwatch is trusted by the world's biggest corporations, from the Fortune 100 to mid-sized businesses, to defend their businesses.

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Forescout Announces Launch of Forescout XDR

Forescout Technologies Inc. | March 02, 2023

On March 1, 2023, Forescout Technologies, a leading automated cybersecurity solutions provider, launched Forescout XDR to enhance enterprises' investigation, detection, and response capabilities against advanced threats across their extended enterprises. Currently, security operation centers (SOCs) are inundated with an average of 450 alerts per hour, and analysts often spend precious time correlating low-fidelity alerts and chasing false positives. Forescout XDR uses data science and automation to generate a single high-fidelity alert every hour from 50 million logs ingested, reducing the number of alerts that warrant further investigation and thus enabling analysts to focus on legitimate attacks. Forescout XDR is vendor- and EDR-agnostic and collects data from over 170 sources, including security, cloud/SaaS infrastructure and enrichment sources, as well as dozens of leading vendors. Forescout XDR contains over 70 threat information sources and 1500 confirmed detection rules and models. With data onboarding included, customers may become operational in hours, actively identifying, investigating, and responding to risks. SOCs till now have excluded critical devices that are increasingly common points of attack, such as industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology (OT), building management systems (BMS), and IoT and medical devices. Furthermore, the technological stack on which SecOps teams have been forced to rely has made it impossible to respond to these threats promptly and thoroughly. The technology integration with Forescout's network access control solution facilitates proactive prevention of attacks by reducing the attack surface through restriction of compromised or non-compliant devices from connecting to their networks and automating response workflows that can immediately touch every connected device throughout the enterprise. Thus helping reduce the blast radius of an attack in real-time, allowing proper mitigation or remediation measures to be completed. Forescout XDR includes a multi-tenant architecture and supports local data storage while also providing an aggregated global view of threats and SOC performance. It is ideal for large firms, global corporations, and organizations with regional managed security service providers (MSSPs) and SOCs. The SaaS licensing pricing model is based on the total amount of endpoints in the enterprise, offering customers the flexibility to leverage the data sources they need to support their use cases without concern for fluctuating costs associated with cloud log storage. About Forescout Technologies Inc. Forescout Technologies, Inc. protects the Enterprise of Things through comprehensive identification, segmentation, and enforcement of compliance with every connected device. The company's enterprise-class platform has been widely deployed across managed and unmanaged IT, IoT, and OT devices, making it a trusted choice for Fortune 1000 companies. Forescout provides organizations with the most extensive device intelligence in the world, enabling them to classify risks precisely, detect irregularities, and promptly remediate cyber threats without harming essential business assets.

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